3 Reasons why fitted furniture adds value to your home

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Learn why fitted furniture can increase the value of your home, by Custom Creations

Most of our customers want fitted furniture to improve the style of a room. They want personalised and carefully crafted bespoke furniture to suit their personal style and enjoy for years. But it’s good to know that your fitted furniture may also be an investment! Read to discover how fitted furniture can add value to your property.

Fitted furniture saves space

It can be hard for potential buyers to envision themselves living in a property if it looks cluttered. Bespoke furniture is precisely measured and built to maximise the amount of storage space available in your home. Fitted bedroom furniture can be an excellent way to keep all clothes and shoes discreetly out of sight.


Fitted furniture adds character

Fitted furniture with a stylish edge can be hugely attractive to budding house-buyers. Fitted lounge furniture, such as bespoke tv units, are currently popular design features. Bespoke furniture makers, Custom Creations are experts in designing fitted lounge furniture to look attractive and conveniently store your TV, consoles and DVD player. Whether you are looking for fitted furniture that looks ultra-chic or something more traditional, we will design a piece that will look great for many years.


Utilize all awkward spaces

An awkward shaped spare room or attic will often be written off. But fitted furniture allows you to maximise the room area in even the tightest of spaces. Fitted sliding wardrobes are an excellent way to widen the space in an angled room. Investing in customised wardrobes for sloping ceilings can help you transform an unused, spare room into a comfortable extra bedroom.

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