4 Benefits of Motorised Adjustable Desks

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From improved productivity to perfected posture, discover the benefits of our motorised adjustable desks on your overall health & wellbeing. Learn more.

Ergonomic office design can help you work more comfortably and make your day more productive. At Custom Creations we have recently worked on several motorised desk projects and wanted to share the many benefits of electric height adjustable desks. Read more to discover how custom motorised office desks can impact your health and boost your mood.

What is a motorised desk?

Motorised desks can be adjusted to the preferred height of the user at the touch of a button. Generally, office desks come in a standard size, which is problematic for people who don’t fit comfortably beneath the average desk size or require more accessibility. Motorised adjustable desks are ideal for commercial offices and home offices, where adjustments are needed for more than one user. 

Finding the ideal desk height

Your desk must be configured at the correct height for you, as to reduce back and neck pain and prevent musculoskeletal damage. As a rule of thumb, the ideal desk height can be calculated as follows:

(Your height in inches) + 1 = Your perfect desk height

To minimise the risk of injury and improve comfort, you should be able to maintain a forearm-to-upper arm angle between 70 degrees and 135 degrees. In addition, thighs should be parallel to the ground, with feet firmly placed on the floor and shoulder-width apart. Our motorised desks can be adjusted for each user to ensure the correct desk height at all times.

Why choose an electrically height-adjustable desk?

  • 1)Improved health
  • 2)Better posture
  • 3)Increased energy levels
  • 4)Accessibility

It’s well researched that sitting for long periods is bad for your health, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and premature death. This is where motorised standing desks can help. 

Sedentary work reduces calorie burn throughout the day, increasing the risk of weight gain and its associated health problems. However, by standing at an electric sit-stand desk, it’s possible to burn over 170 additional calories throughout the day.

Sit up straight!’ – a phrase engraved in most our brains from childhood. Your mum was right, good posture prevents a plethora of problems later down the line, including detrimental changes to your spine. The damaging effects of poor posture are completely preventable with the proper desk adjustments.

Motorised standing desks have also been linked with a better sense of well-being, with people citing increased energy and reduced stress throughout the day when switching to stand up desks. Encouraging well-being in the workplace improves productivity and boosts employee engagement.  So, for an overall happier workplace, consider investing in electric sit stand desks.

Electric height adjustable desks provide good access for wheelchairs users and can be adjusted to their height for improved comfort. Our inclusive motorised office desks are the perfect solution to desk accessibility at home or in commercial settings.

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