4 Living Room Design Tips for AW2017

Gallery Living Room 1

Although we are not quite ready to give up on the Summer just yet, it’s time to look at the what’s next in the world of fashionable interiors. If you are looking to update your living room, here we look at some of the new trends predicted to take over in Autumn Winter 2017!

No more white

The shabby chic farmhouse white interiors have finally had their day. Autumn/ Winter trends are now focusing on dark, dramatic colours. Consider emerald green or navy blue for a bold look in your living room. Compliment the dark coloured walls with rich toned fitted lounge furniture. The combination will create a warm ambience to snuggle up in.


Indoor plants are here to stay! Houseplants have had a rise in popularity as 70’s style décor has come back in trend. Not only do plants give your home a sneaky splash of colour, they can also increase the oxygen levels. Low on floor space? Bespoke furniture, such as a fitted bookcase in a dead space area of your living room can be the perfect place to showcase your greenery.

Brass is the new copper

Brass is slowly replacing the overused copper, in both decorative accessories and furniture. Brass has warm hues which perfectly complements a darker interior pallet. Think about a brass frame for bespoke fitted furniture or polished brass handles on your new built in wardrobe!

Natural Wood

Rich natural wood gives your home a cosy, organic feel. If you do not have wood beams or wood floors, fitted living room furniture with natural wood finishes can help create a rustic cabin atmosphere, ready for you to curl up in front of the fire.

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