4 Ways to Bring Warmth into Your Living Room This Winter

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Winter can often be cold and bleak, but that doesn’t mean your living room has to be. With more people staying home than usual due to the current circumstances, it’s important to make your home feel as cosy as possible. From installing fitted lounge furniture to switching up your fabrics, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Discover how to warm up your living room in winter below.

1.       Switch up the design elements

Not everyone considers this method, but sometimes all it takes is a little switch up. We often associate the colder months with soft and furry materials. So why not bring in cosy textiles to your home? Use pillows and blankets made from the right insulating materials will instantly make any room feel warmer. Buying warm fluffy throws and textured pillows is a worthwhile investment for the winter and you can reuse these each year!

2.       Invest in a new fireplace

When looking at how to warm up your living room in winter, opting for a new fireplace is an obvious choice. There are many different fireplace types to choose from, should you decide you’d like one fitted. Bespoke TV cabinets are a great solution in this case. Having bespoke living room furniture tailored to your specifications, whether you have a fireplace or not, will ensure you can maximise the space.

Not sure where to find bespoke tv units for fireplaces? At Custom Creations we have a vast selection of fitted furniture in Dorset and can accommodate your requirements. For fitted lounge furniture solutions which include fireplaces, contact us today. We can book you in for an appointment with our professional designer and get you one step closer to having your dream bespoke living room furniture.

3.       Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is another method of warming up your living room in winter. Not only does wood have a warm feel to it, but it also has rich tones. Unlike ceramic tiles, wooden flooring is better at conserving heat and less cold. If you are looking for a long-term solution to help bring more warmth into your living room, wooden flooring is a great choice.

4.       Warm lighting features

Similar to fitting a new fireplace, you can also get warm lighting features fitted in your living room too. In particular with bespoke living room furniture, you can get lighting installed within the furniture. For example, with a bespoke tv cabinet or unit, you can choose to tailor this to have lighting incorporated. Using warm lighting tones in your fitted living room furniture will be sure to bring a homely feeling.

Custom Creations bespoke living room furniture

So maybe now you are warming to the thought of having fitted lounge furniture or even a fireplace. As one of the leading companies for fitted furniture in Dorset and surrounding localities, we can assist you every step of the way. No project for us is too big or small and we have an extensive range of materials, colours, and finishes. Get in touch with us today by calling 01202 823231 or email us at office@customcreations.furniture.