4 Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room

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We all want our living rooms to be inviting and comfortable spaces. The living room is where we can put our feet up after a long day and relax with our family. Particularly in the cold winter months, we want these rooms to be warm and cosy. But how can you make a living room cosy? We’re here to help.

In this blog we’ll describe a few different ways on how to make a living room cosy. From playing around with scents and colours to having bespoke living room furniture, there are plenty of ways to do this. Of course, each of these will be dependent on your own taste and preferences, but there are some universal rules of lounge interior design.


The lighting within a room can make a huge difference in how warm or inviting it is. In the evenings, avoid turning on the main “big” light in your living room – this can make things feel too bright and is not relaxing. Instead, opt for multiple smaller light sources, such as lamps in a couple of corners. Alternatively, you can install a dimmer switch on your mains light to create a more cosy setting.

Colour and Warmth

As with any interior design, use colour to your advantage when creating a cosy living room. Whatever the colour or design of your walls, you can use warm colours as accents or accessories throughout the room. For example, if you have white walls, use warm browns or reds for your furniture and accessories to create warmth.

We explored a few more ideas around colour and style in our blog post on Interior Design Trends for 2023.

Use The Senses

When you go to a spa, the spaces aren’t just visually appealing. They’ll often also have soft music playing and calming scents being sent out into the space. This also applies to your living room. Add an extra layer of cosiness by using candles, diffusers, or room sprays that have a calming and pleasant scent.

Immerse Yourself With a Bespoke Media Unit

One of the main activities families tend to do in their living rooms is watching TV. Having a bespoke media unit fitted into your living room can create an immersive feel when watching.

With a bespoke media unit by Custom Creations, you can even customise the furniture to fit the feel of your space. You can tailor the fitted lounge furniture design to your colour scheme and even include soft lighting spots and shelves for your possessions.

Fitted Living Room Furniture

Our number one tip on how to make a living room cosy is to use fitted living room furniture to really maximise the space you have. Items like bookcases, media units, and freestanding furniture can be used to open up space in the room and declutter. That way, you’re welcomed with a clean and tidy living room and can fully relax when you enter.

Want to see more of our bespoke living room furniture? Check out our galleries for examples of our work so far.

Custom Creations are bespoke furniture makers in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We design, build, and install stunning fitted living room furniture for our clients. From freestanding or fitted bookcases to shelving and media walls, we can tailor each piece to your living room. Are you looking for a new cosy feel for your living room? Get in touch with us today by calling 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture to enquire.