4 Ways To Create Extra Storage With Under Stairs Furniture

Under Stairs Storage7

Discover how to create extra storage using under stairs furniture.

One of the most underused areas of the whole house is under the stairs. It makes perfect sense to transform your home with bespoke under stairs storage. There are a number of exciting possibilities for under stairs areas using our fitted furniture in Dorset. As bespoke furniture makers, we offer a range of fitted under stairs storage solutions that are all made to measure. Many homeowners overlook storage options that are available with under stairs furniture. Here are some of our favourite ways of creating extra storage using under stairs furniture 

Shelves and bookcases 

One of the most popular fitted under stairs storage solutions we offer as bespoke furniture makers is shelves and bookcases. It sounds obvious but lots of people are surprised just how much extra storage space they create by adding shelves under their stairs. Not only do shelves and bookcases add lots of useful storage, but they also look great. Bookcases add a nice aesthetic element to the room. Our fitted furniture in Dorset is all custom built with your choice of materials. This means we can match the aesthetic of the room and make sure the design of your under stairs furniture is seamless. 

Working from home 

One lasting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that more people are now working from home. While some people are back to working in an office, most are at least working some days from home. While there are some benefits to working from home, finding space for an office set-up can be a challenge. This is where our fitted furniture in Dorset can help! As bespoke furniture makers, we like to get creative when it comes to helping people create working from home set-ups. Utilising under stairs area to create a home office is a great way of maximising space in your home. Fitted under stairs storage combined with a compact office desk is ideal for a working from home set-up. This type of set-up is neat and does not take up much room meaning there is no need to convert a bedroom into an office. 

Keep coats and shoes organised 

Hallways and entranceways are often littered with coats, shoes, and bags. When entering your home, the last thing you want to see is mess and clutter. It is a great idea to convert your under stairs area into a cloakroom using under stairs furniture. Some shelves, coat hooks and a shoe rack are all you need to keep your hallway clear of muddy shoes and wet coats. Our bespoke furniture makers can maximise your storage, even if you have a small area under your stairs. We build all our fitted furniture in Dorset around your requirements, so you can store exactly what you need. 

Create a multimedia unit 

If your stairs run through a living room, then our under stair furniture is ideal for creating a bespoke multimedia unit. Our fitted under stairs storage is perfect for creating a multimedia unit. The unit can store everything from DVD players to game consoles and keeps all the wires hidden from view. Under stair areas create a natural alcove that a TV can fit into. Using bespoke under stair storage will transform your living room  

If you’re looking to create extra storage using under stair furniture, then get in touch with us at Custom Creations. Our fitted furniture in Dorset is hand built by our bespoke furniture makers. Our experts have over 40 years of experience creating bespoke under stairs storage. Speak to a member of our team by calling 01202 823321 or email office@customcreations.co.uk