4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Wardrobe Space

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Putting new things into your wardrobe is a lot easier than taking things out.

Whether you have a sliding door, freestanding, or hinged fitted wardrobe, maximising its space is crucial to keep your clothes organised and uncluttered. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your wardrobe space:

1.       Use your floor space

If your freestanding wardrobe contains lots of long-length clothing, it is likely your wardrobe floor space is hard to get to and therefore not used. Whether due to countless coats or too many dresses, prevent this by hanging all long-length clothes at one end of the wardrobe and short length at the other, so that you can utilise underneath for other items.

2.       Organise the upper shelves

A neglected part of your wardrobe, the upper shelves can provide plenty of space for shoes or bags. Divide space into item-based sections so that it is organised, perfect for the fashion-conscious individual. If your wardrobe does not have upper shelves, custom made furniture company Custom Creations creates bespoke hinged, fitted and sliding door wardrobes in Bournemouth tailored to your storage needs.

3.       Use the wardrobe doors

For those with a freestanding or hinged fitted wardrobe and a ‘healthy’ tie, belt or scarf collection, the back of the wardrobe doors provide easy access. Attaching stylish rails or internal mirrors is so useful when deciding on your outfit.

4.       Buy double hangers

Using double hangers is ideal for storing all your t-shirts without cramming them into your wardrobe, causing them to crease. This subtle solution gives functionality as well as style due to its unnoticeable aesthetic when in your wardrobe.

With a range of custom made furniture to fit your needs, including freestanding wardrobes, bespoke walk in wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes in Bournemouth, contacting Custom Creations is the best way to treat your clothes to a bigger home. Discover more about Custom Creations’ bespoke wardrobes by contacting us on 01202 823231 or sending an email to office@customcreations.furniture.