4 Ways To Improve Your WFH Set-Up With Fitted Office Furniture

Fitted Home Office Furniture

With more people now working from home than ever, the need for a proper work from home set-up is essential. Not only for a person’s mental health but also for their physical health. Being cooped up inside with an unstable layout will show its side-effects over time. At Custom Creations we have seen first-hand the rise in demand for fitted office furniture since the pandemic. Read on to discover the benefits and how fitted study furniture will improve your work from home life.

Create a separate work life environment

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy work from home routine is to keep your office life separate. Many people will have their office space set-up in their bedroom or kitchen. Although it may be more comfortable at the start, over time it is likely to have a negative impact. Being in the same room, all day every day will eventually take its toll on your mental health. With fitted office furniture, you can create a dedicated workspace. This avoids the cross-over between what should be two separate environments. Once you have finished work, you can recharge your batteries and unwind elsewhere.

Increase your storage space

Having a tidy space free from clutter is paramount in your work from home environment. As the saying goes, tidy room, tidy mind. Even if you decide to opt for a bespoke desk, keeping things organised will create more capacity for storage. The beauty of bespoke office furniture is that you can tailor it to your exact requirements. If more drawers and cabinet space are what you need, this can be incorporated into the design. Fitted home office furniture with storage compartments allows you to store away stationary, paperwork, or whatever else you need. As well as this, you can use the extra storage space to help free up the mess from other rooms in your home.

Gain more focus

Use fitted study furniture to gain focus in a setting that enables you to concentrate. Unlike an office workplace working from home can bring many, if not more, distractions. If you have children, housemates or family wandering around the chances are it will affect your productivity. It’s much easier to focus your attention when you have the appropriate surroundings. A dedicated area or room with fitted office furniture including bespoke desks, shelves, and chairs will help you achieve this.

Improve ergonomics

Fitted home office furniture is great for preventing health issues. Being slouched continuously on the sofa compared to sat at a proper levelled desk in an ergonomics chair can cause severe back problems. And this issue will only get worse over time. For those working from home, that could be eight to ten hours a day, five days a week sitting in the wrong position. If you are sat at a custom desk made to the correct height, this will ensure you don’t encounter such back problems. Pairing your bespoke office furniture with an ergonomics chair is the best solution. 

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