5 benefits of fitted furniture for small bathrooms


Bathrooms, particularly second bathrooms, can be a tight on space. But a small bathroom doesn’t mean you should compromise on style or practicality. Here we list why fitted furniture might be the perfect space-saving solution for your small bathroom.

1. Customised bathroom storage

Out-of-the-box bathroom furniture can look clunky in a small bathroom. But with fitted bathroom furniture, your vanity units can be  fully customised. Whether you need plenty of storage for beauty products or prefer space around your sink, Custom Creations can design multifunctional storage to suit you. 

2. Style your bathroom to your taste

Although mass-produced bathroom furniture is now available in variety of styles, you may not be able to find exactly what you want. Custom created fitted bathroom units allows you to choose the perfect style for you. At Custom Creations, we have a wide range of fitted furniture wood finishes and door colours to choose from. 

3. Angled Bathrooms

Bespoke bathroom furniture is ideal for awkwardly angled bathrooms. If your bathroom has a low angled ceiling, bespoke bathroom cabinets can be measured to make the most of the space available. 

4. Hide waste pipes
Bespoke bathroom cabinets have a huge advantage as they cleverly conceal pipework. Keep those unsightly waste pipes out of sight and mind with strategically designed fitted vanity units around your sink. 

5. Slimline wall units
If your bathroom is short on floor space, a slime-line wall unit can be the answer. A wall unit constructed and installed by our expert team increases your storage space in tight corners of your bathroom. 

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