5 Design Ideas for Bespoke Media Units & TV Cabinets

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Bespoke media units, TV units, and media walls can be great space-saving solutions for crafting the perfect living room. Here are five design ideas to inspire.

When it comes to creating the ultimate living room – that comforting space you can retreat to and relax in, with your family or alone – the design of your media unit and TV cabinet plays an often-overlooked role. Standard, shop-bought units run the risk of looking generic or incohesive with the rest of your furniture, and they rarely make the best use of the space available. But not so when you go custom made. Here are five innovative design ideas to inspire your next bespoke media unit or TV cabinet.

1. Floating Media Units

Floating media units are a fantastic way to save space while adding a contemporary touch to your living room. These units are mounted on the wall, freeing up space on the floor and creating a clean, uncluttered look. This can be a surprisingly effective solution for making even the smallest room appear more spacious.

A floating, bespoke media unit can also be customised to include shelves or additional storage, giving you a place to house your media components or display ornaments. Whatever requirements you have, these can be fit into the design.

 2. Integrated Storage Solutions

One of the main benefits of a bespoke TV unit is the ability to integrate clever storage solutions. From built-in cabinets and drawers to open shelves and cubbies, this helps keep your living room media wall organised and free of clutter. Consider incorporating adjustable shelving to accommodate books, game consoles, or anything else that invariably makes a mess of your living room!

3. Hidden Compartments

Hidden compartments are a clever way to keep your living room tidy without drawing attention to unsightly units. A bespoke media unit with hidden compartments can conceal everything from cables and remote controls to game controllers and DVDs. This design idea not only contributes to a minimalist aesthetic but also enhances the functionality of your media wall with shelves, cupboards, or other storage.

4. Trend for Minimalist Design

Speaking of a minimalist aesthetic, this trend is all about simplicity and functionality: an ideal combination for media units and bespoke TV cabinets. A minimalist TV unit will focus on clean lines, neutral colours, and clutter-free surfaces. This design approach can also create a calming atmosphere when used for a living room media wall, allowing the focus to remain on your television and décor. Incorporate sleek materials like glass, metal, and wood to achieve a modern, minimalist look that never goes out of style.

5. Intelligent Tech and Cable Incorporation

As the amount of technology in our homes steadily increases with each passing year, the ability to integrate these components into our furniture design is become more and more important. A bespoke media unit should incorporate intelligent tech solutions, such as built-in charging stations, cable management systems, and spaces for smart home devices.

Proper cable incorporation in particular ensures that your living room’s media wall remains tidy and functional. By hiding unsightly wires and providing easy access to power outlets, you can maintain a clean organised space that supports your tech needs.

Bespoke Media Units from Custom Creations

Creating a bespoke media unit or TV cabinet tailored to your lifestyle can transform your living room into a stylish hub. At Custom Creations, we specialise in designing and crafting bespoke furniture that meets any requirements, from conforming to the dimensions of awkward spaces to incorporating functional storage ideas.

If you’re interested in our custom furniture ideas for your home, view our galleries for further inspiration or book a free design appointment to discuss your needs. If you have any questions about our bespoke media units and TV cabinets, get in touch by calling us on 01202 823231.