5 Tips for your ideal living room layout

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Read how to arrange your fitted lounge furniture for the perfect living room layout!

Your living room is the ideal part of your home to gather friends round or relax after a hard day. But is your living space layout working for you? Read on to learn our top tips on where to place your fitted lounge furniture and arrange each element for a comfortable living area.

Think about traffic flow

Before you start thinking about where to place your furniture, consider how you and your family or guests might travel through the room.  Keep any walkways to other rooms clear for easy accessibility. If possible, try to leave about three feet around furniture items to prevent any accidents or bumping! Take a look at our gallery for some fitted lounge furniture  ideas and layout inspiration.

Fitted Furniture can make an impact

How your furniture fits into the room can have a significant effect on the room layout. Before buying your furniture, be sure to measure the space to get a clear idea of what will fit where. If you are unsure, call our bespoke furniture experts at Custom Creations. We can help you assess the best size fitted lounge furniture for your living room.


Make a statement

Choose a focal point for your room. Arrange your seating in a U-shape around your statement wall with a bespoke bookcase or a favourite art piece. This is also a great way for the whole family to have a good view of the TV! A bespoke tv unit will help you store DVD players and game consoles, whilst also hiding any unsightly wiring from view.


Finishing touches

Make a room feel like your own space by adding a few personal touches. You can tie a room together with a large floor rug touching each floored piece of furniture. Complementing the colour scheme with accent coloured cushions is also an excellent way to make a room look complete. 

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