5 tips to make space in your child's bedroom

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​You’ll be amazed at how much storage small people need! Especially as they get older, children need storage solutions to keep their toys, clothes and school work tidy. Read our top tips below to discover how you can cleverly add more space to your child’s bedroom.

Fitted Storage space

Built in storage space can be a great solution, particularly for smaller rooms. With fitted bedroom furniture, you get most out of the room and don’t waste any gaps with dead space.  

Clever decoration

Avoid cluttering the walls with lots of pictures. Crowded artwork will only make the room feel tighter and more claustrophobic. Instead, keep wall art to a minimum. Bespoke shelving uses the full height of the room and can be an excellent place to display awards and certificates.

Use awkward spaces

If you have converted the attic for your child’s bedroom, it might feel restricted by angled ceilings. Work round the angles by installing fitted furniture that follows the contours of the wall and ceiling. Wardrobes for sloping ceilings will help fit more storage in the room.

An awkward nook can also make an excellent homework station for a custom desk.

Platform sleeping space

If you child’s room is small but has a high ceiling, constructing a platform can be an excellent solution. The bed is raised, and bespoke fitted furniture is added underneath. This unit can be fitted with drawers or even a small desk!

Fun-size furniture

Don’t take up room in a child’s bedroom with adult sized furniture. Smaller, kids-sized furniture, such as chairs or desks, will fit nicely and give the kids more room to play!

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