5 Ways to Use Your Loft Space to its Maximum Potential


​Growing up, the attic was always that dark and musty area housing trinkets, suitcases and the odd spider or two. Now that doesn’t have to be the case; you can use it for greater things than a place to store your forgotten items.

At Custom Creations we’re experts in transforming the space in your home with fitted furniture making it more efficient and saving space at the same time. Here are our top 5 ways to convert your loft space into a room that can be useful.

1.Walk-In Wardrobe

We’d all like some extra space to store our clothes, especially when you need to focus on where to put your thermals rather than that sundress you’ll use in 6 months’ time. Converting your loft into a walk-in wardrobe with fitted furniture means that you can free up space in your bedroom without resorting to the basement, suitcases or self-storage.

2.Loft Library

Escape the world and float on a sea of words. If you love to collect books and can’t bear to part with them, repurposing the attic into a library means that you can keep your passion alive with fewer stubbed toes and more floor space. We can create a series of bespoke bookcases and fitted shelves so Dickens and Rowling can live in harmony.


Need a place for the kids to play or learn? Don’t sacrifice the dining or living room. A converted loft is perfect for a ripe for the imagination. Float off into space or create a jungle den with handy storage nooks and crannies for their exploration gear.


Why not think about using your loft as an office? This room at the top of the house makes for a great study or workspace away from all the commotion and noise. We can create fitted office furniture to your exact needs so you don’t have to worry about papers cluttering the place.

5.Spare Bedroom

Perhaps your attic or loft can double up as a spare bedroom. No more re-arrangements of beds when someone comes to stay – you’ve got one ready for them! Find out more about our fitted bedroom furniture by taking a look at our online gallery.

Transform your attic now with a fitted furniture makeover. Get in touch with Custom Creations for a free, no obligation design consultation. Call us on 01202 823 231 or fill in our contact form today for more information.