7 Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

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Designing bedrooms in smaller rooms comes with its challenges, but if done well you can transform your box room into a comfortable sanctuary for children and adults alike. Get inspired with our 7 bedroom ideas using custom fitted furniture.

1.       Space-saving beds

Loft, bunk, and cabin beds are common components of children’s fitted bedroom furniture, providing a playful element to kids bedrooms as well as functional storage. However, they can also be incorporated into adult bedrooms, allowing you to sleep more guests or simply create a more spacious bedroom. Bespoke furniture makers will be happy to craft these fun and practical beds for any age!

2.       Open storage solutions

A great solution to maximise smaller bedrooms is open storage solutions such as bespoke floating shelving units or wardrobes. These allow you to display your prized possessions or stylish clothes whilst keeping the space in the room open without large doors. Open storage is also perfect for those objects you want to able to easily reach such as folders and electronics.

3.       Compact shoe storage

To free up floor space from piles of shoes, consider fitted furniture such as shoe shelves or sliding trays in your wardrobe. You can also make the most of the height of your small bedroom by installing a full height shoe storage stack. Investing in a bed frame with drawer storage built-in is also a top tip.

4.       Sliding door wardrobes

One of the most obvious ways of increasing storage capacity in a smaller bedroom is bespoke fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes can be custom built to ensure space is optimised and fit any room’s specifications. With sliding door wardrobes, you not only have every corner of space used but there is significantly reduced dusting!

5.       Mirrored units

Sometimes in small bedrooms, the key to a more spacious feel is tricking the eye. Bespoke fitted wardrobe or other fitted furniture can have their space-saving properties enhanced by simply adding a mirror finish. This popular material reduces bulkiness of furniture and reflects light around the room to make it appear brighter.

6.       Wall mounted fold desks

Alongside your floating shelves, wall-mounted folding desks are a great space-saving addition to a small bedroom. This nifty piece of fitted furniture gives you the option to put away work for the day to give you space for chill time. It can also double up as a dressing table which can be folded down and used when required.

6.       Space-saving desk and chair sets

If you have a little more room to spare, a sleek compact stool and chair desk or dressing table could suit your smaller room. Here the chair fits snuggly into a compartment under the desk so you can keep the surface free without tripping over the chair when it is not in use.

Now that you know some of the best ways to provide storage and free up space in small bedrooms, you can decide how you want to design your room. At Custom Creations our bespoke furniture makers are happy to help you bring your ideas to life no matter what your requirements. We provide fitted bedroom furniture across Hampshire and Dorset, so why not visit our showroom in Verwood or give us a call today at 01202 823231 to discuss your new bespoke furniture.