7 Genius Storage Hacks with Custom Made Furniture

Under Stairs Fitted Furniture Groves 3

Living in a small property means that storage space is difficult to find and very much limited.

Storage hacks help to create more organisation and space in your home, by giving each item a place that is not only easy to access but aesthetically pleasing. Custom Creations are experts at designing custom made furniture and geniuses when it comes to storage hacks, designing and fitting custom storage to suit any room no matter its shape or size! Here are the top 7 storage hacks we recommend:

Bedroom Storage Hacks

1.       Fitted sliding wardrobes

Wardrobes are enclosed with doors to hide things for a reason! As one of the most used spaces in any home, they should be as appealing and user friendly as possible. Wardrobes fitted with sliding doors and clever storage solutions can make mornings easier, but harder to claim that you can’t find anything to wear!

2.       Fitted walk in wardrobe

A spare bedroom that is too small for a bed has the most potential for a storage hack such as a fitted walk in wardrobe. Choose a wardrobe, bookcase and/or vanity unit and fit with a specialist tie, jewellery or shoe drawer for complete organisation.

3.       Window seats

Window seats and bespoke ottomans are another great storage hack to utilise bedroom space effectively. A fitted window seat can be built with drawers or a chest for shoes and much more. The best thing about custom made furniture is that it’s completely up to you what it is built for!

Tip: Use a wine rack to hold purses or place a bookcase behind your bed to double as a shelf.

Lounge Storage Hacks

4.       Bespoke bookcases

Bespoke bookcases can cleverly disguise any paperwork, organise books and show off your favourites. Use baskets for remotes, electronic and any other nic nacs you find lying around the living room.

5.       Bespoke TV units

Bespoke TV units can incorporate storage around it, casing the TV and other lounge items in one area, rather than taking up space elsewhere.

6.       Fitted under stairs furniture

The space under the stairs is a storage hack haven. Due to the slanted angle, it can be used for a variety of functions such as to hang coats, a shoe rack, display shelf or even a TV unit!

Tip: Freestanding bookcases make great room dividers and pegboards with baskets are ideal for children’s toys.

Bathroom storage hacks

7.       Bespoke vanity units

Bespoke vanity units make your bathroom go further. This storage hack utilises all the space under the sink, simultaneously clearing the bathroom of all beauty products and hiding them in an organised fashion.

Tip: Small baskets make great organisers and work well in humid areas, pull out draws make it easy to access everything at once. Place a plastic shoe holder on the back of the door to hold products if you run out of space!

These smart storage hacks comprised of custom made furniture from Custom Creations will help you create an organised and tidy home. Get in touch to find out how we can make your home storage savvy on 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture.