7 Home Furniture Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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Discover how to transform your home with unique custom fitted furniture, bold colours and more! View the top home furniture trends to look out for in 2019.

Interior design can make a house look beautiful but without careful consideration, your home can look cluttered or dated. At Custom Creations we are always keeping an eye on current design trends so we can help customers refresh and enhance their home’s aesthetic. When we design bespoke furniture, we’ll always consider the space available so that our fitted furniture is both practical and stylish.

Furniture trends come and go but you can stay ahead of the curve with bespoke custom furniture. Here we have put together the top 7 home furniture trends to look out for in 2019.

1. Oxidized oak

Oxidized oak is going to be a popular choice for fitted furniture and cabinetry this year. Oxidized oak is just wood that is weathered or made to look weathered and usually has a dark hue. This rustic looking wood looks sophisticated in a home study or as a coffee table.

2. Make a bold statement

Bold and vibrant home furniture is in! Transform your home decor with crisp colours like orange, purple or yellow. Splash pops of colour on your walls, on your furniture or with lighting.

3. Multi-functional fitted furniture

Simplify your home interior and make extra space by choosing practical bespoke furniture that’s fit for purpose. Follow this trend with custom made under stairs furniture with fitted shelves, a discreet and stylish storage solution. 

4. One of a kind

Showcase your unique personal style with handcrafted furniture. Choosing custom fitted furniture over mass-produced furniture will become a popular trend in 2019. 

5. Curvy designs

Embrace 1970’s chic curvy aesthetic this year to refresh your furniture. Add this trend to your home by updating kitchen counters or adding a storage statement piece to your home.

6. Small details

Small details are key this year in the interior design world, elevate your home design with small upholstery and finishing details. Inject warmth and character into your rooms with different textures and colours.

7. Maximalism

Minimalism has been popular for a very long time but 2019 is going to see a trend towards interior maximalism. Scatter playful ornaments on bespoke bookcases or stack colourful books on a custom desk to achieve this look.

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