7 Interior Design Secrets

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Designing a home can be difficult. With so many colour, layout and furniture options to choose from it’s easy to be overwhelmed and not know what’s best.

Here are 7 interior design secrets to creating a stunning aesthetic for your home:

1.       Begin with a colour scheme

Before considering furniture types, decide on an overall colour scheme. Whether you desire a bright, Scandinavian white, or rustic aesthetic, planning this in advance gives a more informed view on which type of fitted furniture looks best.

2.       Show off your most valuable

Whether you have a bespoke vanity unit, fitted bookcase or stunning ornamental piece, positioning these features front and centre is the best way of emphasising a room’s most important aspects.

3.       Size makes a difference

Using low-slung furniture in rooms with low ceilings is the most effective way of increasing their perceptual size. Custom Creations’ range of fitted furniture in Bournemouth is perfect for crafting petite furniture for this need.

4.       Dark is best served large

If you’re thinking of adopting a dark colour scheme, choose this for all furniture. Whether you are planning on buying a fitted desk, fitted vanity unit or sliding door wardrobe in Bournemouth, opting for a dark colour for all of these looks best due to it not contrasting against anything lighter.

5.     The more pillows the better

According to designer Melissa Warner, using two or three pairs of pillows on a sofa is the perfect number, whilst mixing and match their patterns gives the best aesthetic effect.

6.       Colour your fitted bookcase

Organising a fitted bookcase can take a while. For an attractive aesthetic, why not arrange the books by colour, various heights or by adding ornaments between the books of your fitted bookcase?

7.       Mirror, mirror on the wall

For small rooms, adding a mirror is a great way to make the room look larger, especially with bespoke vanity units.

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