7 Predictions For the Home of the Future

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With the influence of technology and varying cultures becoming more apparent in interior design, there’s no doubt the homes of tomorrow will be different.

Here are 7 predictions for what the homes of the future will look like.

The need for integration

People are increasingly living in tightly packed areas. This is likely to see the rise of smaller homes, in which bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens share the same space. This will see fitted furniture, such as Custom Creations sliding door wardrobes in Bournemouth, become more popular to make the most of small spaces.

No more storage

With the rise of ‘the cloud’ and services such as Netflix, people have less need to store CDs, DVDs and books in large storage units. However, many people will still want to show of their collections using fitted shelving and bespoke bookcases.

‘Smart’ furniture

Technology is playing an increasingly large part in the home. This will see the rise of ‘smart’ furniture, including phone-charging lamps and ‘smart’ beds.

Slicker custom furniture

Custom furniture is more chic and simplistic than ever. Future homes are likely to have more unique fitted lounge furniture, such as this Melting Point bespoke TV unit designed by Erhan Afsaroglu.


The need for bespoke furniture

As people spend more and more time touching their screens, there will be a need for different textures in the home. This will see new patterns and fabrics used in fitted lounge furniture and bespoke headboards.

The rise of personalisation

As technology advances, bespoke furniture will become easier to produce. This is likely to see more bespoke furniture throughout the home, including Custom Creations’ fitted bedrooms in Bournemouth.

Multi-utility bespoke furniture

Saving space is a huge theme in future furniture. Here, fitted lounge furniture and fitted bedroom furniture will cross over and become used for a plethora of purposes within the home.

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