A beginner’s guide to loft conversion

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A loft conversion is an excellent way to create some more room in your home. A loft conversion can also add value to your property! Read our advice from our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset to find out how to create a successful loft conversion.

Is there enough space?

Take some time to assess the space you currently have in your attic. Take into consideration head height and the height of the pitch angle. To make the most of a small attic space, opt for wardrobes for sloping ceilings. This will reduce any wasted space above the top of a mass-manufactured wardrobe. Other loft fitted furniture such as custom desks can help you achieve the optimal furniture height for the room.

Is your loft suitable?

When converting your loft, there are important factors to note. Traditional framed roofing structures (normally in pre-1960’s houses) are easier and less expensive to safely convert to a functional room. Attics in more modern houses are often built with thinner timbers, so any heavy load bearing may impact the structural integrity. If you are unsure, consult a building contractor or professional before building. 

What type of room are you converting to?

Most people choose to convert their attic into another bedroom. However, a loft conversion can be an ideal space for a home office. Bespoke bookcases and fitted office furniture can help you make the most out of awkward spaces and tight corners.

For the adventurous, why not try converting your attic into a bathroom? Discreetly tucked away from noise, an attic bathroom can be a relaxing haven to unwind in the bath. Fitted bathroom furniture, such as bespoke bathroom cabinets will give your bathroom a timeless style and added storage space.  Plumbing in attics can be expensive, so be sure to build on top of a pre-existing bathroom or kitchen.

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