Add Value to Your Home with Bespoke Storage

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​ Storage is an essential tick on any homebuyer’s checklist and without it, many struggle to sell. People are struggling to afford larger homes and potential buyers will visualise the home with the storage it needs.

Fortunately, bespoke storage is a cost effective solution and the best way to maximise space within the home - as any nook or cranny can be transformed into storage heaven! Bespoke storage is an investment, as proved by a survey that showed how great storage can increase the value of a home by an average of £18,000*. The research found that two thirds of Brits believe that storage increases a house price by up to 10% - and with property prices in London averaging around £450K, an increase of almost £45k could be expected solely due to bespoke storage solutions!

Bespoke Storage Ideas

Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or simply make the most from your home here are our bespoke storage ideas to give you some inspiration!

  • The space underneath stairs is often overlooked, yet it is one of the biggest and most convenient spaces to transform. Bespoke under stairs storage is made-to-measure and can be created to include a variety of storage solutions such as a display cabinet with cupboards, wine storage or TV cabinet.
  • Angled rooms and sloping ceilings can pose a difficulty for regular storage solutions and are therefore often left untouched. Maximise these spaces with bespoke wardrobes, cupboards and bedroom cabinets that can contain anything from shoe storage to a jewellery or tie drawer. This eradicates the need for bulky (and often unsightly) freestanding wardrobes or the second bedroom-turned-closet!
  • Window seats are not only a bespoke storage solution but also provide a brilliant way to create a focal point within a room as well as a place to relax. Adding cupboard or drawers underneath with a comfy window seat changes an awkward window space to a useful and comfortable area.

Custom Creations Bespoke Storage Solutions

Custom Creations can help to increase the value of your property by installing the perfect bespoke storage solution in your home. From bedrooms to lounges, make use of that awkward space with bespoke storage solutions manufactured from a range of durable, beautiful materials and finishes – all designed to your taste.

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*Survey conducted by IKEA