Bedroom furniture designs for growing children

Custom Creations Fitted Childrens Bedroom Redcliffe 0005

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Children will go through many phases, passions and requirements as they grow through life. So how do you design a bedroom that they can grow into and not out of? Here our fitted furniture specialists at Custom Creations give their best tips to creating an age-proof bedroom for children.

Invest in quality bespoke furniture

In the early days of diaper-changing and long nights, you may be tempted to buy cheap and temporary furniture. But investing in high-quality fitted bedroom furniture will be well-worth the money in the long-term. A classic style fitted wardrobe or custom desk will last and look great for years to come. 

Timeless colour schemes

We recommend creating a blank canvas for your child’s bedroom paint scheme. Keeping the paint colour neutral makes it easy to adapt to your child’s latest tastes. You can update when needed with decorative accessories, rather than expensive re-paintwork or wallpapering. 

Plenty of storage space

Kids have an amazing knack for collecting clutter. Maximise the space in even the smallest of bedrooms with a floor-to-ceiling fitted sliding wardrobe. Make sure everything has its right place with multi-purpose furniture, such as a bespoke tv unit. Bespoke children’s beds which also have fitted drawers are an excellent way to keep messy rooms tidy. 

Temporary décor

There are now a wide range of disposable decorations for kids. Artwork such as temporary wall stickers or framed pieces can be easily swapped out when your child decides they are too mature for Paw Patrol. Cushions are also a good way of adding (non-permanent) colour and character to a room.

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