Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

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Consider the potential a fitted wardrobe could evoke in your bedroom. Clothing, shoes and accessories can take up the most space in a home and a wardrobe is the largest and bulkiest piece of furniture. Custom Creations are the leaders in designing, building and installing fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth that exhibit our superior level of craftsmanship and ability to truly transform a space.

Bedrooms are often overlooked in homes and lack the necessary space for storage so consider fitted wardrobes for a range of benefits, including:

  • -They are made to measure
  • -Wardrobe Features
  • -Wide range of materials
  • -Variety of wardrobe types

Fitted wardrobes from Custom Creations are designed and built based on the needs of the client. We welcome every challenge and strive to create fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth that fit a tiny room or one with sloped ceilings, angles and alcoves!

Each beautiful fitted wardrobe in Bournemouth from Custom Creations begins with an empty space and a set of specifications. So if you’re a shoe collector, tie lover or prefer to keep jewellery organised, the specifications can be built within the wardrobe to reflect this - with a shoe rack, tie draw or jewellery organiser!

fitted wardrobe in Bournemouth can be built with any aesthetic in mind. Choose from a vast variety of materials with different colours and textures to match furniture or add style to your bedroom.

Transform a small room into a walk-in wardrobe or add sliding doors for ease of opening by investing in fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth from Custom Creations. Renovate a disorganised storage room into a tidy paradise with a walk-in wardrobe and customise it with sliding doors if the room is too small for swinging doors.

Custom Creations have over 40 years’ experience in maximising space by installing fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth and Southampton. To find out how we can transform your bedroom or storage space, please call us on 01202 823 231 or email