Secrets to a Successful Home Office


With a greater number of people working from home, creating a home office makes perfect sense.

Having a study in your home is a great way to give some unused space a purpose, and helps keep you focused on your work but working from home requires a great deal of concentration, dedication and self-motivation so it’s best that you have home office furniture dedicated to helping you be as productive as possible. That's why Custom Creations we’ve shared our top secrets to having a successful home office.

Think of storage

The beauty of fitted office furniture is that it can suit your every need – you can never have enough storage space! If you need deeper drawers or shelves for all those files have no fear – we can craft fitted home office furniture to suit your every need. Shelves, drawers and cupboards need not be a mismatch of styles! Just ask for a free consultation with one of our designers to see the potential of your home office come to life.

Nothing wrong with a bit of green

Plants are a great way to keep your home office calm and you focused. Whether you’re a fan of tiny cacti or spider plants, you’ll feel a marked difference when you add a bit of colour to your study. Plants help to keep air clean and clear and you calmer and more productive.

Let there be light!

Office lighting can be a lot more than a swinging light bulb overhead and a desk lamp on the table top. We can create under-shelf lighting solutions for an interesting and modern twist on fitted office furniture. This type of lighting is also beneficialyou’re your eyes – overhead lighting can be harsh and cause eye strain. Bespoke office furniture lighting can be installed to be eye-friendly – filtered or tinted lights can take away the sharp or stressful element to eyes.

Need Inspiration?

If you need some ideas on how your home office furniture could be designed, take a look at our online showroom or book your free, no-obligation design consultation. Just call 01202 823 231 or email for beautiful fitted furniture in Southampton & other areas of Dorset.