Bespoke Under-Stairs Storage Case Study


We created bespoke under stairs storage for this client to make the most of their oak staircase.

Understairs storage is always the perfect place for coats, shoes, and any other household items you might want to hide away. It provides storage space and can also become an aesthetic feature of your home. This makes it perfect for bespoke under-stairs storage. Our customer has a beautiful, large, oak staircase that is the focal point of the entrance area to the home. They did not want any furniture to detract from the staircase but still needed fitted under-stairs storage to hide their day-to-day items. We were really excited to begin this project because we knew what an impact it would make on the space. Our fitted furniture in Hampshire and Dorset is designed and built locally, so each piece is carefully crafted for every customer.

Bespoke Cupboards and Drawers

As part of our process for creating fitted under-stairs storage, we hold design consultations for each customer. We knew already how important it was to highlight the staircase as a centrepiece for the room. Therefore we carefully chose Egger Winchester Oak Board for the door and drawer fronts. This perfectly matches the colour of the staircase and effectively camouflaged the doors and drawer fronts. This meant they appeared as part of the overall staircase and allowed it to make an impact at the entrance of the home.

The bespoke under-stairs storage was divided into two spaces. The higher cupboard area was furnished with shelves, hanging rails, and coat hooks. This gave plenty of space for plenty of coat and bag storage. We also used push-to-open hinges on the door so that there were no handles to ruin the illusion of the hidden storage. This design decision also gave the space a tidier and more open feel. The slightly smaller area was used to create bespoke drawers. The Blum runners on the drawers allowed them to fully extend out to create large shoe storage areas. This maximised every bit of space, making it as useful as possible for the customer.

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