Built-In Bedroom Furniture For Angled Rooms Case Study

Angled Room Photo 1

The Problem

This customer faces the problem that many loft-room owners have. The angled rooms causes many people difficulty when it comes time to furnishing. However, it is a common misconception that angled rooms can’t be furnished with style. The beauty of bespoke custom furniture is that it can be tastefully designed to suit the room.

Our Solution

As a specialist in bespoke furniture in Dorset, we were more than happy to take on this project. With our range of crafted fitted wardrobes, we were able to transform the space into something special.

Our experienced designer worked with the customer to ensure that they had the storage space they required. It was important to fulfil the demands without restricting access to the bedroom door. Our team executed this perfectly with accurate installation.

The customer informed us that the angled wardrobes were to be shared. This led us to designing a mixture of internal features, such as the different hanging height of the rails. Opting for custom built-in bedroom furniture allows you to customise the units to your needs, so we are always happy to accommodate bespoke designs.

Open sage green shaker door above bedroom door with surrounding built in bedroom furniture

Our designer suggested the shaker door which the customer loved. This created a timeless aesthetic which is well-suited to both traditional and modern homes. The customer picked out our new sage green which added a warmth throughout the room. The neatly built in bedroom furniture adopting the soft green colour created the illusion of more space, which our customer was thrilled with.

Working with our designer, we created the perfect custom furniture for this loft room. With a mixture of angled wardrobes, shelves, and cupboards, there is now plenty of space for their clothes and belongings.

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Angled loft room with sage green fitted wardrobes with all doors open showing ample storage space