Can you replace fitted wardrobe doors?


Are your current fitted wardrobe doors looking a bit old and damaged? Or perhaps your want to modernise your room and your old doors just don’t look right? Replacing your fitted wardrobe doors can be a great way to update a room, without starting from scratch! Read how our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset can help.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Fitted sliding wardrobes are great for saving space and are easy to use. But over time, the doors and tracking can become worn. You may find your sliding wardrobe doors may start sticking and be difficult to open. At Custom Creations, we can measure up your current fitted sliding wardrobe and fix the problem with some shiny new doors. 

Fitted Wardrobe Doors for Angled Ceiling

It is difficult to find a mass-manufactured replacement door for bespoke fitted wardrobes.  Luckily at Custom Creations we can replace wardrobe doors for all fitted furniture. We specialise in creating beautifully designed bespoke furniture, including wardrobes for sloping ceilings. Our experienced installers will fit your replacement doors to follow the contours of the existing wardrobe, the walls and ceiling. 

Fitted Vanity Unit Doors

If you are updating your bedroom or bathroom, you may want to also replace your bespoke vanity unit doors. We can offer replacement fitted vanity unit doors in a range of materials and styles.  Our Custom Creations designers will work with you to find a style that perfectly complements your room. Take a look at our wide range of fitted furniture door colours and wood finishes to for some fresh décor inspiration!

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