Children’s Fitted Bedrooms

Fitted Children Furniture CC-James 2015-0003

When creating a bedroom for a child, no matter their age, its important to keep it in mind that they will eventually outgrow their bedroom furniture.

That’s why, at Custom Creations, we build bespoke solutions for you. Children’s fitted bedrooms make it easy for a room to adapt to their size, needs and tastes as well as save money in the long run!

Not only are children’s fitted bedrooms cost effective, the bespoke furniture maximizes the use of every square meter of space. From bespoke children’s beds like bespoke bunk beds and cabin beds to fitted wardrobes, Custom Creations can give the little ones more room for activities!

Bespoke Children’s Beds

It is essential that a child’s bed will last a good number of years. Custom Creations designs, manufactures and fits bespoke children’s beds to the current and predicted measurements your child may need. Practicality is a must but so is the enjoyment of bed time! We also specialise in designing:

  • Bespoke Bunk Beds

Bespoke bunk beds are multifunctional; saving space for two kids in one room or the practicality of an extra bed for fun sleepovers! Choose a traditional bunk bed style or a completely bespoke design that your child can grow up with, but not outgrow.

  • Bespoke Cabin Beds

Bespoke cabin beds are the storage solution for bedrooms overrun with toys and games. Cabin beds can have desks, drawers, wardrobes or storage space underneath – its completely up you! Custom Creations can design bespoke cabin beds to fit the design of your current furniture, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for matching sets.

Children’s Fitted Wardrobes

With over 100 coloured glass and panel options, we can make your child’s dream wardrobe come to life, without compromising on functionality. Choose from bespoke hinged wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes with soft close and safety backed glass, custom designed to fit angled rooms and awkward spaces.

Bespoke Children’s Furniture Sets

Get completely stuck in by redesigning the entire bedroom to maximise every inch of space. Come to us with colours, favourite toys, movies and we will work with you to create a bespoke children’s bed, fitted wardrobe and any other custom furniture required!

Custom Creations can help you design a bedroom from a child’s perspective, with a layout and design that not only appeals to them but has the storage for everything. It can be flexible to adapt and change as your child grows, so the bed will still fit in a few years’ time and toy storage can eventually turn into clothes storage.

To discover how our children’s fitted bedrooms can become your kid’s favourite room in the house, call Custom Creations on 01202 823231 or email