Fitted Bespoke Office Furniture Case Study

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View our latest case study of fitted bespoke office furniture in Bournemouth.

Fitted bespoke office furniture is a great solution for those working from home, or a spare bedroom conversion for extra working space within the home.

The fitted office furniture brief

Our client wanted fitted office furniture which would fit the whole length of a wall without restricting space.  They wanted it to house all the usual office requirements, such as a printer, tower and storage for files.

There was a large bay window area at one end and the door architrave at the other end, which caused the biggest challenge, as they did not want the furniture to block the window or the door. This determined the maximum depth of the furniture, yet this depth was not deep enough for a custom desk top.

They also requested that it did not look too formal, they wanted it to look more like a piece of fitted office furniture than an office.

The bespoke office furniture design

James embraced the initial challenge of depth and designed a custom desk with an extended depth by creating angles within the furniture.  This allowed the depth of the worktop to come out to a workable depth without compromising the flow.  By also incorporating a pull-out keyboard tray, this gave an extended work area for the client allowing them to free up more workspace on the top.

A pull-out printer tray was also incorporated into the design, which allowed the client to pull the printer out when in use and store it neatly.  Having a pull-out printer tray makes it easily accessible, without taking up too much room.  The same idea was applied to the pull-out tower tray.

Base cupboard units and drawers were fitted to incorporate file drawers and adjustable shelves, whilst top cupboards incorporated shelving for files, folders and books.  To create the look the client required, glass display shelves were fitted to allow the client to display personal ornaments and photographs allowing the whole unit to fit into the room as a piece of fitted home office furniture, as well as being a practical working office when needed.

The finished result was a beautiful piece of bespoke fitted office furniture in a natural walnut colour that fitted perfectly whilst giving the client a complete and practical space to use as their home study.  The client was absolutely delighted with the result and was very surprised at how much storage had been created whilst still fitting in all the usual office requirements.  They were pleasantly surprised at how the bespoke office furniture enhanced the room, as they had initially been concerned that it would be imposing.

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