Fitted Furniture Trends: Exciting Heritage Colours For 2021

Cc Fitted Furniture Trends New Colours

At Custom Creations, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest fitted furniture trends. Therefore, we are excited to announce our new Heritage colours for all our custom furniture creations, which create a stylish look to any room when paired with one of our natural wood effects colours, such as Tobacco Halifax Oak.

The darker Heritage colours such as Kombu Green and Indigo Blue create a striking yet timeless finish. Blush Pink and Denim are soft colours that create a subtle look or create a distinctive finish when enhanced with Matt Graphite or Dust Grey.


Sitting somewhere between blue and grey, this shade looks fantastic in a monochromatic palette with other blue or grey shades. Using this finish on fitted furniture in your bedroom or office gives a soft, instant calm to a space. You can also use Denim as a neutral and contrast it with bolder finishes.

Dust Pink

Dust pink is a colour that can bring a fresh, floral feel to any room. As a finish on custom furniture in your home, we can create a statement piece that brightens up any room. If you are looking to update tired décor, this delightful colour has the potential to bring a youthful and fun element to your home.

Indigo Blue

This gorgeous combination of deep blue and purple is sure to win your heart. Pair with gold or other hardware handles on bespoke fitted wardrobes to create a classic yet modern finish. Indigo Blue is an indulgent colour that is timeless and has an effortlessly polished look.

Kombu Green

Kombu Green is a cool toned, deep green colour. This finish is great for bedroom furnishings, as its earthy feel creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for sleep. It can be matched with softer colours such as Dust Pink or other neutral finishes. For a modern look, this colour pairs well with chrome handles on custom furniture such as dressers and wardrobes. 

For fitted bedroom furniture in Dorset, look no further than here at Custom Creations. We can create custom furniture for angled rooms, children’s bedrooms, lounges and more, all of which can be finished with our new Heritage colours. View our fitted furniture gallery to get inspiration your next piece of custom furniture in finishes such as Denim, Dust Pink, Indigo Blue, Kombu Green and more.

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