Fitted Living Room Furniture Case Studies

Fitted Lounge Furniture Cc Sumner 1

Bespoke furniture is a way to make a home your own, with completely original pieces designed to fit the room. Below we share three of our recent case studies of bespoke fitted furniture in Bournemouth.

Case study one: Alcove fitted living room furniture with a bespoke TV cabinets and glass displays

Alcoves in a lounge can be an ideal storage solution and this is where the advantage of fitted living room furniture is two-fold. You can create storage to house whatever you want whilst the furniture fits the space exactly, ensuring that no storage space is wasted.

The client for this design wanted a display area and fitted lounge storage to fit into their alcove, whilst also being able to fit a bespoke TV unit, which they watch occasionally.

Some of the items they wanted to display were quite large and so an additional open display area was created for these items, which they were delighted with. This complex project is another example of why you should choose Custom Creations for fitted furniture in Bournemouth. Our designers will work with you to make sure the finished furniture is exactly what you are looking for.

Case study two: Alcove fitted living room furniture with glass displays

This client wanted a fitted lounge storage display area with glass shelves to display glassware and storage cupboards below. They were delighted that their specific requirements could be met with custom-made, bespoke living room furniture. 

Cream fitted living room furniture with a bespoke TV unit, storage and displays

Case study three: Cream fitted living room furniture with a bespoke TV unit, storage and displays

Chimney breasts can be enhanced by adding fitted lounge furniture storage either side and for this client, they also wanted their television to fit onto the wall above the fireplace whilst blending in with the fitted living room furniture.

The whole look was complemented by a custom furniture hearth in our Dark Atalier Range that emulates a natural slate look.

By contrasting the ivory with an oak effect finish for the tops and the mantle, the client’s brief required the fitted living room furniture to tie in together to create a neat, stylish fitted lounge storage and display unit that incorporated the television whilst sitting perfectly in the room. 

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