Fitted Office Furniture & Bedroom Wardrobe Case Study

Custom Wardrobe Case Study

It’s increasingly common for our fitted office furniture to be combined with bespoke bedrooms. See how our specialists got on in this latest case study.

It’s common these days for rooms in our homes to have multiple uses: kitchens doubling as diners, lounges as playrooms, and increasingly, bedrooms as home offices.

Of course, creating these spaces is often much easier said than done. How do you combine your fitted office furniture with your bedroom in a way that doesn’t restrict space and practicality? The process requires careful planning and design to ensure it remains functional without sacrificing that all important style or comfort.

So, what’s the best approach to achieving the versatile space you’re after? Well, how about approaching the bespoke furniture specialists!

A customer recently came to us at Custom Creations to see if we could help them combine a bedroom with an office in a room characterised by a tricky angled ceiling. Naturally, we were only too happy to help.

The Challenge of Angled Ceilings

Rooms with angled or sloped ceilings can often be a source of concern for homeowners who believe these spaces can’t accommodate fitted furniture. However, our expertise in creating both bespoke office furniture and fitted bedroom wardrobes allowed us to turn this potential obstacle into a design feature.

First, our skilled designer assessed the room before crafting a plan that maximised functionality and aesthetic appeal. And key to this design was a range of bespoke office furniture that would complement the room’s unique angles.

As well as a custom desk and drawers, we installed fitted bookshelves that perfectly aligned with the sloping ceiling. This was a great solution for ensuring no storage space was lost despite the potentially tricky nature of the space. This was then combined with a set of bespoke fitted wardrobes with hinged doors that blended seamlessly with the room’s contours, offering yet more valuable storage.

Combining Functionality and Aesthetics

Another important factor was achieving a blend of both practicality and style. This is of especial importance when pairing fitted office furniture with bedroom furniture as it’s essential the room maintains a cohesive look while serving multiple functions.

For the custom desk, we used a real oak top that added a great touch of sophistication. This included extra drawer storage for essential office supplies and a vent for the radiator, further ensuring comfort during long work sessions.

The entire setup was finished in Painter Oak Fjord, which created a pop of colour and texture to enhance the room. We were delighted with the end result, satisfied we’d hit the brief and delivered exactly what the customer was after. Are you interested in learning more about our fitted office furniture? Please get in touch to learn more. Our custom furniture makers in Dorset have many years of experience working with different shapes and styles. Contact us today on 01202 823231 or book your appointment and consultation with us for more information.