Fitted Furniture in the Workplace; Offices, Shops and Reception Areas


The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing fitted furniture for the workplace.

Offices and shops are often large and presented as a completely fresh canvas, with an unlimited amount of potential to unleash when choosing the style and colours of the fitted office furniture and bespoke shop fittings.

When buying fitted furniture for the workplace, there are many things to consider such as the aesthetic, comfort and ergonomic features it provides. Office furniture needs to enhance work efficiency, reception furniture is used to create a great first impression, and shop fittings to ultimately encourage sales.

Discover the core pieces of workplace fitted furniture we can create for customers in Bournemouth, Southampton and Ringwood:

Transform the Workplace with Fitted Office Furniture

Fitted office furniture comes in many forms from a workstation or desk, to filing cabinets, bookcases and drawers. Items can be accessed easily, paperwork is organised and a desk can be fitted at the right height for an ergonomic office. Cleverly designed fitted office furniture can transform even the smallest of rooms into a functional office. Tie the design together with a material from our material range to give a flawless aesthetic and professional finish.

Encouraging Customer Transactions with Bespoke Shop Fittings

The likelihood of a customer purchase depends not only on the product itself but on the design of a shop. From point of sale and layout to the functionality and overall aesthetic, each factor plays a vital role in persuading the customer to purchase.

Bespoke shop fittings can increase the likelihood of a transaction as they stand out, showcase the brand, and remain fluid in design and material. Focus on the bespoke shop fittings should be in the core part of the shop, such as the shelving and storage solutions to effectively display products to attract attention. POS displays near shop counters can also encourage consumers to make last minute purchases.

Create a Great First Impression with Reception Furniture

Reception furniture includes seating, storage items and reception desks. Bespoke reception furniture can make the first impression of a workplace a great one. Reception desks need to satisfy a variety of functional uses, including the approach of guests, a workstation for the receptionist, and filing systems. A custom work station can be any shape, style and material with branding to reflect the feel of the company.

Fitted furniture in the workplace is the most effective way to increase work efficiency, customer satisfaction and create a great first impression. With over 40 years’ experience choose fitted office furniture, reception furniture and bespoke shop fittings from Custom Creations. For more information please call us on 01202 823231 or email