Hallway Storage Case Study

Custom Creations Case Study 1 Oct22

This client needed a bespoke fitted wardrobe and custom furniture to de-clutter their hallway.

This client came to us as they wanted bespoke furniture in Dorset due to wasted space in the hallway. Hallways are a common place for clutter to build, especially within family homes. Unused space often ends up becoming home to plies of coats or scattered shoes. At Custom Creations, we design and build fitted furniture in Bournemouth. We aim to tackle storage problems with stylish solutions. When the client contacted us, they could no longer bare to look at the cluttered space. They felt like there could be a storage solution to enhance the space and we were more than happy to do this.

What did we do?

We began this project by conducting an initial client consultation with one of our custom furniture designers. We quickly established their specific needs and what the storage is likely to hold. Clear communication is key for us as we confirmed the design and exact dimensions with the client. We were then able to build the parts and install the bespoke fitted wardrobe and cupboards. The space had a window which we did not want to block. This led our designers to recommend a set of large draws that slotted under the windows without restricting the view.

Our client consultation allowed us to understand that the client wanted a storage solution for a lot of coats and jackets. The bespoke fitted wardrobe was the ideal storage solution for this. The client requested a double-hanging wardrobe, which we installed at the height she requested. We designed the smaller cupboard using our bespoke shelving to store shoes and dog leads. The four-shelved cupboard and two large drawers provide ample storage. This enables our client to keep the hallway tidy and clutter-free. Practicality aside, the hallway looks fantastic. The client opted for a matte cashmere door finish, with a real oak top. This combination complements the interior design perfectly, giving it a timeless, classic finish. The light colour finish paired with our oak wood had the desired effect of naturally fitting into the space, making it appear bigger. Both we and the client love the outcome of this custom furniture project. We always love seeing how happy our clients are with their bespoke furniture in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

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