How A Bespoke Walk In Wardrobe Can Transform Your Bedroom


Find out how a bespoke walk in wardrobe can transform your bedroom.

There are lots of ways to add storage to your bedroom using fitted furniture. One of the most popular requests we get as bespoke furniture makers is designing and installing a fitted walk in wardrobe. Owning their own bespoke walk in wardrobe is the dream for many people who are passionate about fashion and clothes. Many people think that walk in wardrobes are only found in enormous houses and mansions, but this is not always the case. We have years of expertise in designing and fitting bespoke walk in wardrobes. This means that whatever space you are working with, we have a solution for you. But why are walk in wardrobes so desirable? These are just some of the reasons why a bespoke walk in wardrobe can transform your bedroom. 

Better organisation 

One of the best things about designing your own fitted walk in wardrobe is you get to tailor it around your needs. Nobody knows you like you! You might own 100 pairs of shoes or need to hang 15 different suits. Whatever your requirements, a bespoke walk in wardrobe is easily configured to store whatever you need.  There is nothing more frustrating than a storage solution that is not fit for purpose. If there is one room in the house that you want to be clean and organised, it is the bedroom. A bespoke walk in wardrobe keeps everything you need in storage and keeps your room clear.  

More storage 

As well as having the right storage, it is important to have enough space for all your clothes and belongings. The last thing you want is your wardrobes and draws overflowing with clothes and cluttering up your room. All fitted furniture and bespoke walk in wardrobes are incredibly space efficient. This means you can maximise whatever space you have to store as many items as possible.  Choose from an array of different storage methods like drawers, hangers, and shelves to make sure your fitted walk in wardrobe has enough capacity for all your belongings.  

Additional elements 

Aside from being useful for organisation, bespoke walk in wardrobes have some interesting configuration options. A walk in wardrobe is not just a storage room, it is a place where you try on different clothes. When designing a fitted walk in wardrobe, make sure you incorporate some design elements that will make it functional. When we design our fitted wardrobes in Dorset some of our clients have requested a built in vanity mirror. Other design elements include floating shelves, shoe racks and seating. 

Custom built to your room 

As bespoke furniture makers, we know how to transform any space into a bespoke walk in wardrobe. Not only can we design a walk in wardrobe around your space requirements, we also custom build all our fitted furniture from a range of materials and finishes. With over 300 styles to choose from, you will not be short of options to bring your dream walk in wardrobe to life. Have a look at some of our recent work by browsing the gallery. It is important when designing a bespoke walk in wardrobe that it is in-keeping with the aesthetic of your bedroom. You want to feel like the space you create with your fitted furniture is an extension of the bedroom. We also specialise in creating walk in wardrobes for angled rooms and loft spaces. 

Why wait to start your fitted walk in wardrobe project? At Custom Creations we have over 40 years experience designing and installing fitted furniture. If you have any questions about bespoke walk in wardrobes, get in contact with a member of our team by calling 01202 823321 or email us at