How to Design An Entertainment Room

Custom Media Unit

Turn your dream project into reality with Custom Creations. Get inspiration for your entertainment room with bespoke shelving, custom desks and fitted furniture.

Are you looking for a designated entertainment room in your home? Read our guide so you can start planning your space, budget and design! Discover Custom Creations for fitted furniture in Dorset  and make your new entertainment room completely unique to you.

1.       Understanding what you want

Before you start work on designing your entertainment room, make sure you understand what style you are aiming for and what you want the function of the room to be. Are you looking for a cinematic or gaming room with screens and speakers? Or are you looking for a relaxing space to have guests over? Either way, ensure you have an idea of what you are going for so you can start practically planning your space based on your preferences. You can also start planning your budget once you have decided what you want featured in your room. This will help you determine what furniture, media units, speakers and accessories you can incorporate, or whether you should work towards a minimalistic style.

2.       Optimising space

With the planning and budget done, now is the time to start utilising the space you have. Everything in your room should have a purpose. Keep reminding yourself of this and you will learn how to make the best use of the space you have whilst minimising clutter. It you’re worried about the limited space or the shape of an angled room, you can use bespoke shelving and fitted furniture to suit your needs and required measurements.

3.       Furniture and storage

Using fitted furniture is one of the best solutions for making the most of the space you have, and you have the added feature of making the room aesthetically pleasing and unique to you. If you are looking for a visual entertainment room with a TV and sound system, try using a bespoke TV unit that will offer a place for your TV as well as surrounding storage space. Custom desks also great for adding some more storage space and can be used to display sound systems and gaming systems.

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere with minimal furniture, bespoke shelving is useful to have in the corner or fixed to the walls of the room for a practical feature that won’t take up too much space.

Don’t forget about adding comfortable and appealing furniture - you want your entertainment room to be welcoming! If your room size is relatively small, you can have freestanding chairs and armchairs to ensure there is still enough space for moving about. Try adding a corner sofa to bigger rooms facing your bespoke TV unit for the ultimate cinematic experience right from the comfort of your own home.

4.       Getting creative with décor

Decorating your entertainment room allows you to get imaginative and inventive. Customise your room based on its function. If your new room is a space for watching films, try adding some old movie posters. If you want your space to be solely for relaxing and getting together with friends and family, bespoke shelving can be used for decorative purposes. Use glass doors to create a drinks cabinet, or use the shelves to store books, display photos and decorate with flowers and greenery to brighten the space and add a homely feeling.

5.       Maintenance

Once your entertainment room is complete, remember to keep maintaining it to keep it looking brand new. Store any frequently used items on your custom desk to free up the rest of the space. Alternatively, use a bespoke TV unit to hide wires and cables or to have your TV tucked away within the unit to make your room appear even more spacious. 

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