How To Maximise Space In Your Home Study

Fitted Home Office

Learn how to use fitted furniture to maximise space in your home study.

Working from home looks like its here to stay. Even with the latest COVID-19 lockdown coming to an end, many employers are choosing to keep their employees working from home in some capacity. With this working practice becoming the new norm, it is important to create the most comfortable working from home set-up possible. Read our top fitted office furniture tips to find out more. 

Work with what you’ve got 

Not everyone has a spacious home office and many people have been working from a kitchen table or a bedroom during the pandemic. There are several useful tips we can offer as bespoke furniture makers, to help transform your office space. It doesn’t matter if you have a corner of a room or a small and cluttered study, we are experts at optimising space using fitted home office furniture 

Creating more storage in smaller office rooms 

The key to creating more space in a smaller room is organisation. It may feel like you are fighting a losing battle trying to keep everything in your home office organised, but this is because you don’t have the right storage solutions. Bespoke office furniture like bookcases, vertical cabinets and storage keep your important files and equipment organised. As bespoke furniture makerswe know how to incorporate fitted office furniture solutions into any space. It is amazing how much you can store in corner storage units and bespoke bookcases when organised correctly.  

Transform any room with fitted furniture 

One of the benefits of fitted furniture is that it can transform any room in the house into a suitable working environment. Installing a bespoke desk in the corner of a bedroom, dining room, loft or spare room will create a multi-purpose working environment. All our fitted home office furniture is custom made. This means you can choose exactly what material and size you want your bespoke office furniture to be. 

Custom desks, shelves and cupboards are all available from our team of expert bespoke furniture makers. This gives you the freedom to design a working from home set up to fit anywhere in the house.  

Use pull-down beds to create a multi-functional room 

One of the biggest challenges people find with their home office is that it must often be a multi-functional room. As a spare room it might be a home office one minute, and a spare bedroom the next when people come to stay. Our team of bespoke furniture makers have the ideal solution. A combination of fitted office furniture like bespoke desks and bookshelves will create a space-efficient working area. If you combine this with a pull-down bed, then you have the ideal multi-purpose spare room. 

If you are looking to transform your home office with fitted home office furniture, then get in contact with us at Custom Creations and we will be more than happy to help.