How to Organise Your Fitted Wardrobe for Summer


Summer always brings new clothes. With many wardrobes having limited space however, finding where to keep your latest purchases can be difficult.

Here are a few tips on getting your fitted wardrobe ready for summer:

Prepare for British weather

Summer in Britain means no guarantee of sunny days. Prepare your fitted or built-in wardrobe by designating separate compartments for dresses, shorts and trousers. This is the best way to allow a quick change of outfit to suit the weather.

Summer clothes require less space

With summer clothes being thinner, you can fit more into the wardrobe in your fitted bedroom in Bournemouth. Plan for this by allocating different amounts of space to different garments to ensure you don’t overfill.

Put aside your winter-wear

Whilst keeping some warmer clothes is smart in case of bad weather, clearing most of your winter woollies out of your bespoke fitted wardrobe is key. This gives you plenty of space for summer wear whilst ensuring your fitted wardrobe in Dorset isn’t full of creased, unused items.

Out with the old…

Get rid of old clothes you no longer wear to make room for summer purchases, this clear out is just one more way to maximise space in your bedroom

Get a shoe rack for your fitted wardrobe

Make use of your footwear collection by replacing those winter boots for sandals or trainers. For shoe enthusiasts, having a bespoke fitted wardrobe with a custom shoe rack is perfect for larger collections.

Take care of delicate dresses and shirts

Summer is the perfect time for long dresses and crisp shirts, ensure you aren’t damaging these items by investing in hangers that won’t snag the material.

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