How to organise your home office

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The joy of a home office is that it isn’t a standard office. Free from all the formalities and drudgery, your home office is a free space for you to design to your liking. But all that freedom can lead to a build-up of clutter or unwelcome distractions. Read the advice from our bespoke furniture designers on how to organise your work space into a comfortable and productive home office.

Ergonomic work station

It is easy to become distracted and messy if your home office desk is uncomfortable or unpractical. It is important that your desk is the right height to help you stay focused and avoid any slumping back problems. At Custom Creations, we recommend investing in fitted office furniture, to create the ideal workspace for you. Include plenty of storage space for your projects to keep away the clutter and your desk space clear. 

Maximise your workspace

If your home office is small, be creative in where you place your furniture. A custom desk can be designed to fit in tight and awkward corners. Bespoke wardrobes for sloping ceilings can be an elegant solution for creating ample storage space in small attic offices. 

Shelves to store books & paper work

Having a set place for everything is key for an organised office. Bespoke bookcases and shelves are ideal for creating space for books, files or even decorative items to brighten up the room.

Section off part of another room

Don’t have a spare room to set up a home office? Try assigning a separate workspace in a bedroom or living room. Adding a partition or room divider creates a designated office area when needed, but a whole living space when the working day is done. 

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