How To Stay Productive When Working at Home


Working from home can be as much of a curse as a blessing.

With the home environment holding countless distractions and obstacles to keep you from doing work, you may not be working as productively as you could be. Here are 4 tips on how to stay productive when working at home.

1.       Dress for success

Instead of working in your pyjamas or lounge wear, dress as if you were heading into the office. This provides a sense of routine in the mornings whilst preventing you from wearing clothing associated with sleep and ‘downtime’. Ensure your shirts, blouses or suits are kept in pristine condition for each day in one of Custom Creations’ sliding door wardrobes in Bournemouth.

2.       Remove all distractions

Gadgets are a huge distraction when working from home. Whether it is the temptation to check your phone or turn on the television, this can quickly become a habit that decreases your productivity. Prevent this by leaving your phone downstairs or locked in a custom desk for the duration of the day.

3.       Fitted office furniture

Investing in fitted office furniture at home is a great way to stop yourself working in the lounge, bedroom and other areas normally associated with relaxation. You can achieve this with Custom Creations’ range of bespoke office furniture, including fitted desks and cupboards, to ensure you have an effective and efficient space to work in.

4.       Tidiness is key

Having an organised workspace ensures a clear mind and a productive time working. If your job requires the use of books or documents, fitted bookcases are ideal in giving easy and quick access to important literature, whilst bespoke shelving provides an organised space to keep documents and reports.

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