How to transform your bedroom for better sleep

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A sound night’s sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. If you have been struggling to drift off at night, read below to discover how to redesign your bedroom to help you sleep.

Shut out light at night

Even a little natural light in the morning is enough to rouse you from a deep sleep. Heavy curtains are a sound investment if you want to sleep throughout the night and wake up fresh.

Clear your clutter 

A messy, disorganised bedroom space will prevent you from relaxing and dropping off to sleep. Spend a little time each day putting everything back in its place can help relax your mind. Fitted bedroom furniture, such as built in wardrobes can help allocate a ‘home’ for everything, making it easy to sort your space. 

Buy the right mattress for you

Your mattress is an essential factor in your sleeping process. If you are considering replacing yours, take time to find a mattress that supports your back and feels comfortable for you.  Many mattress manufactures allow you to try a mattress for 30 days, so don’t feel pressured into keeping the first one if it doesn’t feel right.

Always have a headboard

According to feng shui theory, a solid, sturdy headboard can help you feel stable in your relationships. Custom Creations can design a bespoke headboard perfectly suited your bedroom style and space. We can even incorporate bespoke shelving into your headboard for some added storage space!

Keep your electronics hidden

Electronics such as televisions and laptops can create light radiation, reduce air quality and increase your stress levels. If you simply can’t bear to live without a tv in your bedroom, consider a bespoke tv unit to keep the device hidden from view when you drop off to sleep.

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