How To Transform Your Loft Space

Grey angled wardrobe in room with sloping ceilings, as well as loft fitted furniture des and shelving

Domestic loft or attic spaces tend to be wasted, simply because we don’t know what to do with them. Many believe that because loft spaces are usually angled or otherwise awkwardly shaped that they are only good for storing Christmas decorations – but they’re wrong.

If used correctly, your loft space can be transformed into any type of room. Not only this but by using a few of our tips and tricks – and our specialist fitted loft furniture – you can maximise space in your loft room to truly make the most of what you have.

What could you use your loft space for?

In short – anything! There are plenty of applications for your loft space, even if it’s on the smaller side.

You could create an office space or study for extra privacy while working. If you have young children, use the space to your advantage and create a playroom for them to give toys their own place.

One of the most popular types of loft conversion is to turn them into extra bedrooms. Whether your family needs more space or you’re after a designated guest room, loft bedrooms are an extremely popular choice. And with so many furniture options for angled rooms like wardrobes for sloping ceilings and recessed shelf space, there’s plenty of ways to create a comfortable and spacious bedroom.

Even if you don’t have the need for an extra room, why not transform the space you’re already using for storage into a more usable, inviting one? You could use angled wardrobes fitted to your specification and have the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams. Or, get fitted storage solutions to fit the space you have and store all the seasonal supplies in a more aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-access way.

Transforming your space

So, what can you use to create the loft space you’ve been dreaming of?

There are many different options and tricks to creating a usable space and maximising the room you have. For example, when you have an angled room, fit more storage into these awkward spaces by going for low-level, freestanding shelving. That way, you’re not cramping the already limited upper space and instead are using the excess space at ground level.

Also, highlight the space you have with a pop of colour. For example, paint your recessed shelves to add interest to the room without busying the limited wall space too much.

You could even emphasize awkward corners or spaces by creating a cosy nook with soft furnishings

Loft fitted furniture

The easiest way to transform your loft space and maximise the available room is to use bespoke loft fitted furniture. Traditional freestanding or flat-packed furniture won’t have the same effect as it may not fit those awkward angles or corners in smaller spaces like lofts.

Our fitted furniture for angled rooms, such as loft-fitted wardrobes and specially-designed shelving, is custom-made by our designers. We will work exactly with the space you have, without compromising on style. There are plenty of designs and materials to choose from, so your vision can come to life.

Want some inspiration on how we can help transform your attic room into usable space with loft fitted furniture? Our angled rooms gallery has plenty of examples to get you thinking. Or, request a brochure to see all of our style and finishing options.

Know what you want already? Why not book an appointment with one of our designers so we can get started on transforming your loft space? If you have questions, get in touch via phone on 01202 823231, or email