How To Use Loft Fitted Furniture To Update Your Loft Conversion

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Find out more about the advantages of using loft fitted furniture in attic conversions.

Custom-built furniture is a fantastic addition to any room in the house. As bespoke furniture makers, the team at Custom Creations understand the impact fitted furniture can have. Our fitted furniture in Dorset can transform rooms by providing creative ways of adding storage. Attic rooms or loft conversions in particular benefit from the addition of fitted furniture. Flat pack furniture is often tricky to install in loft rooms with low or sloping ceilings. We offer a range of custom-built angled wardrobes and other loft fitted furniture that you can use to update your loft conversion.

Advantages of fitted furniture in a loft conversion

More efficient storage space – One of the main advantages of fitted furniture in a loft conversion is that it is a far more efficient storage solution. Having efficient storage is important when keeping a clean and tidy space. Loft and attic conversions tend to be smaller and more compact; this makes having the right storage crucial.

Open floor space – Using loft fitted furniture in the right way will create more floor space and make your loft conversion feel more spacious. Custom built storage space and alcoves are much more practical than large cabinets and wardrobes that do not blend into the room.

Maximise space under angled roofs – Something that is common in nearly every loft or attic room is sloping ceilings. Sloping ceilings present a challenge for interior design as they make it difficult to add wardrobes and other furniture. Using traditional wardrobes and cabinets normally means a compromise. They either have to sit on the side of the room where the ceiling is at its highest point, or they have to come further into the room to account for the angled ceiling. This is why wardrobes for sloping ceilings and other fitted furniture options are a great solution.

Custom-built – Our bespoke furniture makers create each piece of loft fitted furniture exactly to our client’s specifications. With all our fitted furniture in Dorset, you can choose the design, materials, and storage requirements. When designing an angled wardrobe, you are free to choose whether you want drawers, shelves, hangers, shoe racks or even a vanity unit. Each of our wardrobes for sloping ceilings is carefully tailored around each client’s storage needs.

Fitted furniture ideas to transform your loft conversion

Wardrobes for sloping ceilings – Angled wardrobes in loft or attic rooms make the most of every inch of space. A bespoke angled wardrobe moves with the slant in the roof to ensure that you get the most amount of storage possible in your loft conversion.

Custom shelves and drawers – Aside from wardrobes there are a number of other clever ways to add storage to a loft conversion. An area of loft conversions that is often overlooked is the knee wall. The knee wall is where the bottom of a sloped ceiling meets the outside wall. The knee wall is often only a couple of feet high but there is plenty of storage possibilities. Clever fitted furniture like pop-out drawers and floating shelves are great ways to improve your attic.

Create a false wall – Adding a false wall to your loft conversion offers several practical and aesthetic possibilities. By adding a false wall a foot or so into the room you can create enough storage for the whole room. You can leave this storage space open or close it off depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Loft fitted furniture for bedrooms – If you are looking to add storage to a bedroom loft conversion there are countless fitted furniture solutions. Surround your bed with cabinets or add a headboard ledge. To keep the area around the bed clear, use fitted furniture to streamline your bedside units.

For more information about our range of fitted furniture in Dorset, get in contact with us at Custom Creations. Our team of bespoke furniture makers have over 40 years of experience designing and installing loft fitted furniture. Speak to us by calling 01202 823321 or email