Living room trends for Summer 2018

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Your living room is your family’s space to relax and enjoy together. Finding the right style to suit everyone can be a challenge. Here we list some of our favourite Summer 18 interior trends to inspire your perfect living room look.

Compact Living

As the average UK home and living spaces continue to shrink, the demand for clever storage solutions increases. Bespoke lounge furniture is ingenious, as it creates multi functional storage space to minimise any clutter.  

Ice cream colours

Gelato colours are a big influence in this summer’s fashion and interior trends. Yummy bubble-gum pinks, creamy vanillas and soft sorbets can bee seen in both furniture and interior fabrics. You can even mix and match multiple soft pastel shades across your chosen ice cream colour pallet. 

TV Units are back!

The trend for sterile wall mounted TVs are on the way out. More interior designers are opting for a classic TV stand, providing both stability and storage. Create the style and size storage you need with a bespoke TV unit. 


Houseplants are staying a strong focal point for interior designs. Indoor plants can transform a living room in the summer, giving the whole room a healthy, fresh feel. If you are looking for a pride of place location for your potted plants or succulents, a bespoke bookcase can be an ideal option. Fitted bookcases can be designed to fit even tight corners to give you more display space. 

Motivational workspaces

More and more people are choosing to work from home. It should then come as no surprise that positive home offices are trending on Pinterest. Optimise the space you have with fitted office furniture, such as a custom desk. Increase your motivation by adding positive slogan artwork. 

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