4 Lounge Design Trends of 2016

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​With summer only just beginning, you still have the perfect opportunity to achieve a stylish, functional lounge in 2016 with these 4 design trends.

Give the style, furniture and accessories a boost and create a living room to be proud of!  Discover these trends and how to achieve your dream on-trend living room:

1.       Outline your individual style

Use custom made furniture idea books to get an idea of what your personal style may be. Do you like a contemporary design with simple, block pieces of furniture, or are you a shabby chic lover at heart? Use these ideas to work together with a designer and make it fully yours by creating your own custom made furniture with Custom Creations.

2.       Get eco-friendly

Get creative with your current living room by painting, stitching and recovering your statement pieces. Sustainable design is in the 2016 spotlight due to a new wave of generation who care about being green and saving money. Cushions can be easily recovered, photo frames painted and other décor transformed to have a new lease of life. Vintage has popped back onto the scene too, so raid your mum’s attic for any vintage lounge accessories!

3.       Bring nature indoors

Ditch the plastic and bring in the plants! Incorporating organic material in your furniture creates a soothing, cosy ambience and is easily achieved with custom made furniture. Turn your living room into a nature haven with wood coffee tables, a potted plant and soft browns - and utilise fitted lounge storage to hide any clutter.

4.       Pink & blue

Pastel pinks and blues are a favourite this year, and complement each other well. A two tone living room with spots of white and wood flooring look stunning with pastels and create a soothing feel.

The lounge design trends of 2016 are ultra-stylish and perfect to get creative and crafty with. Integrate them in to your lounge easily with custom made furniture as the ultimate finishing touch from Custom Creations. Find out more by calling 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture.