How to Choose the Right Fitted Furniture for Your Conservatory

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Unleash your conservatory’s potential this summer with fitted furniture.

Conservatories are a fantastic space to relax in, entertain and enjoy the warmth of natural sunlight. Choosing the right fitted furniture can convert any conservatory into a room of luxury.

Different styles of conservatory will suit certain pieces of furniture, and it’s choosing the right fitted furniture that will help you make the most of your conservatory this summer:

Fitted furniture for glass conservatories

Small conservatories with glass walls limit the amount of furniture you can place against it without blocking any natural light. In this case, consider investing in freestanding fitted furniture such as a beautiful sofa, coffee table and a fitted bookcase in uniform materials. This will give your conservatory that luxury living room feel as well as make it practical for summer.

Conservatories with a mix of glass and solid walls

Medium conservatories with at least one solid wall have more potential to be filled with fitted lounge furniture. Select a bespoke ottoman or display cabinet in a shabby chic material to display or store household items. Choosing a statement piece of bespoke conservatory furniture ties in the design and organises the room, making it a more relaxing space and practical for entertaining in the summer.

Conservatories with solid walls

Large conservatories or extensions with solid walls are a blank canvas that can be transformed into any type of room with the right fitted furniture. Converting your conservatory into a lounge is ideal for the summer as it will encourage the whole family to use it more as it opens out onto the garden. Consider fitted lounge furniture such as a bespoke TV unit with a matching fitted bookcase, coffee table and sofa to make it the ultimate conservatory to relax in during those long summer evenings.

Discover your conservatory’s potential this summer with fitted furniture. By renovating its design and functionality, it can become the best room in the house for entertaining friends or family and chilling out.

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