Maximise Your Home Study With Fitted Office Furniture

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Learn more about how to maximise space in your home study with bespoke office furniture.

Following the COVID 19 pandemic, many of us are now back working in offices. However, there is still a large percentage of people who are working from home for at least a few days a week. Working from home has a number of benefits that are encouraging employers to continue working in this way permanently.  

Unfortunately, not everyone has the space and privacy that they would want from a working from home set-up. As bespoke furniture makers, this is where we are here to help. Our fitted furniture in Dorset helps maximise space and create a productive work environment out of nothing! The right bespoke office furniture improves productivity and reduces stress when you’re working from home. Our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset and Hampshire offer a range of creative solutions for your home office. Read on to find out some of the ways you can maximise your home study with fitted office furniture. 

Custom desks 

The most important part of any working from home setup is choosing the right desk. During the pandemic, many people had to suffer through long days of working on kitchen tables or bedroom dressing tables. Custom Creations can create a bespoke desk in any space to give you a dedicated place to work. One key advantage of fitted office furniture and custom desks is that there is no wasted space. Home studies are often one of the smallest rooms in the house. To make the most of all available space we design our fitted home office furniture around your requirements.  


Although they are a great storage solution in a home office, flatpack bookcases take up a lot of room. Our bespoke office furniture includes custom bookcases that work in even the smallest home studies. As bespoke furniture makers, we can install a bespoke bookcase that fits along a wall or in an alcove. Because all our fitted furniture in Dorset is hand-made to measure, we can save space by fitting the bookcase into a tight space or wall-mounting it. 

Storage units and shelving 

The last thing you want when working from home is papers piling up on your desk. When working in your own home it is important to keep it neat and organised. At Custom Creations our bespoke furniture makers are experts at creating efficient storage solutions. We design our storage units and shelving to seamlessly match the rest of the fitted office furniture in your home study. Our storage solutions range from large cupboards to seamless under-desk drawers. 

Pull-down beds 

One of the most popular requests we get when designing fitted home office furniture is pull-down beds. Pull-down beds are a fantastic addition to any home office because they allow the space to double as a spare bedroom. The versatility to seamlessly switch between a home office and a bedroom means you can really maximise the available space. When not in use, the bed folds against the wall and our bespoke furniture designers will create a seamless aesthetic that matches the rest of the room. 

Bespoke office furniture 

Are you interested in transforming your working from home setup with bespoke office furniture? For more information about any of the fitted office furniture mentioned in this article, get in touch with us at Custom Creations. Our fitted furniture in Dorset is handcrafted by our expert designers. Our team has over 40 years of experience designing and installing fitted home office furniture. Speak to us about your requirements by calling 01202 823321 or email