Compact Living: Maximising Space in Small Homes

Custom Creations Fitted Childrens Bedroom Redcliffe 0002

Trying to create room for storage in a small home can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to remind you of some tips and tricks to enhance the space you already have around your house! From built in wardrobes to bespoke desks, you can say goodbye to the struggle of minimal storage with these innovative and cost-effective ideas. Take a look at 4 efficient ways you can maximise living and storage space:

1.       Fitted furniture

Fitted furniture is the perfect solution to maximising space whilst keeping your home stylish. With fitted furniture, you can add up to 50% more space to your room! Built in wardrobes are great for bedrooms and allow you to utilise the space you already have. You can keep floor space free from extra clutter, especially when fitted with sliding doors for a finishing touch.

Custom Creations offer bespoke furniture fitting, so don’t worry if you have angled rooms or a specific style you want to maintain. Designing furniture that is completely unique and fitted to your application will make use of all the available space you have.

2.       Use the walls

A simple trick to get maximum use out of any living space – use your walls! It’s easy to forget that the walls are just as useful for increasing storage. Try mounting your TV or other entertainment systems to the wall. If you’re looking for a practical way to store items, why not try bespoke shelving? Bookcases are great for storage, but if you find that your freestanding shelves are taking up too much room, try a fitted bookcase. This stylish addition to your home will provide that extra storage you are looking for without compromising floor space from freestanding shelves.

3.       Mirrors & neutral colours

Create the appearance of a bigger space using mirrors and complimentary colour themes. For rooms that have windows, try incorporating brightly coloured furniture or decorations to accentuate the natural light coming through the windows to make the room feel more open.

For rooms that have no or minimal windows, neutral colours and mirrors are the way forward! Calming tones will make the room feel more spacious the same way mirrors will. Fitted mirrors are, again, perfect to emphasising the space whilst keeping any room modern and unique to you without taking up any more space. Create the illusion of a lighter and larger room with this quick and easy step.

4.       Pull out desks

If you are looking to improve the space in your children’s bedroom, how about a desk and a bed all in one? A great solution for smaller bedrooms, you can rest assured that your children will have the space for playing and learning, and the additional storage space will help keep the messiest of rooms tidy! Don’t think a small bedroom should come with compromise – with a pull out desk your child can have a place to sleep, play and draw all from the comfort of their own bedroom. The team of experienced designers at Custom Creations can create both bespoke desks and bespoke beds that are unique and suitable to your application. Based in Dorset, Custom Creations provide fitted furniture, bespoke shelving, built in wardrobes and more. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help to maximise your living space with our bespoke furniture. For enquiries, please give our team a call on 01202 823 231, or send us an email at