Modern Fitted Hinged Wardrobe Case Study


The Problem

This customer was looking for a new run of wardrobes for their newly redecorated bedroom. The wardrobes needed enough storage for both of them and a set of drawers. This was to avoid having to buy an extra set of drawers and take up more space in the room. The wardrobes also needed to complement the new bedroom’s look and the vision they had for it.

Our Solution

As bespoke furniture makers, we were able to come to the rescue and create the perfect hinged wardrobe solution for these customers. We’ve had some lovely new colours introduced this year, one of which is Kombu Green. This type of deep forest green has been very on trend and creates a striking feature-wall look when used on fitted furniture like this.

A combination of the Kombu Green for doors and Tobacco Halifax Oak was used to create this bespoke fitted furniture. They are a fantastic combination of colours, working well together to add warmth to the room and a stylish finish while keeping the natural feel.

An internal mirror was added to the far-left wardrobe door. Internal mirrors are practical, and don’t break up the run of fitted furniture. The internals of the wardrobes are a mixture of drawers, shelving, and hanging rails - meaning there is room for all the coats, shoes, and bags our customers loved.

Hinged Wardrobes Vs. Sliding Wardrobes

If you’re considering bespoke, fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth or the surrounding areas, you may be wondering which is better for your space: hinged, or sliding doors.

Hinged wardrobes are one of our most popular forms of fitted wardrobes. Sliding door wardrobes tend to be deeper, and many think that hinged doors will take up more space in a room. However, when creating your perfect design, we can make hinged doors as big or as small as needed to complement the shape and space available.

The storage inside a bespoke hinged wardrobe can also be just as flexible. Customers can choose from a range of hanging rails, drawers, shelves, and internal mirrors or lighting to create the most efficient piece for them. All our pieces are made bespoke to you and your preference.

At Custom Creations, we are expert bespoke furniture makers with over 40 years of combined experience in fitted furniture and storage solutions. If you’re looking for fitted bedroom furniture in Dorset or the surrounding areas, contact us today by calling 01202 823231. Or, request our latest brochure for inspiration on your next bespoke home furniture project.