The Tools We Use Here at Custom Creations


​As a company that prides itself on the products and services we deliver, we couldn’t do what we do without our tools which is why use the best power tools in the business: Festool and Altendorf.

Top of the Range

Like their cars, the Germans have perfected their work in engineering and manufacturing when it comes to fitted furniture, so it’s only natural for Custom Creations to take full advantage of their expertise and use them when we create your bespoke custom furniture.

The Festool range of power tools delivers a high quality, high power performance experience consistently. The Festool range allows us to produce perfect bespoke fitted furniture for you, every time. Whether it’s a selection of sliding door wardrobes or under stairs storage we can create fitted furniture to your exact specifications.

We use three Festool products; a jigsaw, a planer and the CT Cleantex Mobile Dust Extractor which we use to keep your home free of any dust or sawdust we may happen to make when fitting your bespoke custom furniture.

We also use the Altendorf F45 Elmo III D sliding table saw. With a saw unit that can be tilted to 46° either way for greater precision when cutting the sky’s the limit. Brilliant when creating fitted bedroom furniture or office furniture in an angled room.

Get in Touch

Book a free, no obligation design consultation with us to discuss your fitted furniture needs. Why not visit us in our Verwood showroom? We’re located on the Ebblake Industrial Estate just a short drive from the Ringwood Road (B3081). If you need any help you can take a look at our contact page for a map.

Call us on 01202 823 231 or email us at for more information.