Pull Down Beds Case Study

Pull Down Bed Edit

Space is always at a premium, whatever size of room you have and it can be easy to waste space in a room if your furniture is not working in the space.

That is where fitted furniture is a great way to maximise your space and your storage.

We have many customers that have a spare room that the want to make the most of but don’t know where to start. Many spare rooms are used very infrequently, which means the spare bed takes up a lot of the floor space and the room can be underused. 

The customers in these examples both had spare rooms that they wanted to use for other things but they still needed to have a bed in them to accommodate the occasional guests.

The perfect solution to this problem is a pull down bed, which come as single or double and can pull down horizontally or vertically.  James incorporates the beds into fitted units that match the other furniture in the room and so when the bed is up, it is cleverly concealed in a unit that compliments the other fitted bedroom furniture around it. When it is pulled down, it only takes up the floor space temporarily to accommodate guests and when your guests have gone, the bed fits neatly into the unit giving you more floor and room space.

The customer in the first example had quite a large room that they wanted to use as a second lounge that could also double as a bedroom. So, the room also needed to incorporate some drawer and hanging storage space.  James designed the unit using a complimentary colour combination in a modern but timeless design. He used the Avienda Style doors and built in wardrobe drawer fronts which use an angular scoop moulded into them which act as the handle. This gives a contemporary overall look without the need for handles that protrude.

James also designed a pull- out tray concealed above the drawers which cleverly worked as a bespoke beside table unit when the bed was down.  Lighting was incorporated into the wall at the back of the unit which could be switched on when the bed was down. The beds can be stored ready made up with a quilt and pillowcase so they are ready instantly.

The customer was delighted with the end result. They were surprised at how good it looked in the room whilst giving them the perfect solution for overnight guests, without wasting the room space in between guests visits.

The customer in the second example wanted to use his spare room as an office but also needed the room to be used for the very occasional guest.  

The customer needed to incorporate storage and file drawers for his office paperwork as well as a display area, but still needed separate drawer storage for his guests.

James designed the pull down bed unit so that the office desk, cupboards and drawers could still be easily used when the bed was down. This means the fitted office furniture area is always easily accessible. When the bed was not in use, it could be cleverly hidden in the unit which blended in with the rest of the bespoke furniture.  James designed the bedside units either side of the bed and the open display area sat neatly to the side of the bed unit.

All the other required drawer and cupboard storage fitted perfectly into the room with a substantial worktop that could double as a custom desk or a dressing table.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the end result – both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.  It had met all his requirements and gone beyond anything he expected.

If you have a spare room or a space that could accommodate a pull down bed, it is a great solution to accommodating guests without losing valuable floor or room space.

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